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Many SAP project managers are struggling with the question whether they should integrate BPM within their SAP projects. For them the ROI of BPM for their project is not obvious. The decision whether BPM should be incorporated within the SAP projects should also be taken by the stakeholders who are responsible for the TCO of the SAP environment.

Typical SAP projects apply business process models for:


Definition of the SAP process scope & alignment of the documentation

Automatic definition of E2E testing scripts & workflows

Process oriented training & process oriented KPI’s

E2E business process analysis & process simulation

However, if we consider the Enterprise BPM Framework, we will understand that we do not utilize the full potential of BPM within SAP projects.


BPM can be the glue between the business processes and the various execution platforms, as positioned by SAP as ‘Business to Model´ vs. ‘Model to Execution’ . BPM tools can extend the utilization of the business process models to the alignment and configuration of SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP Solution Manager and Business Rules Management.

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